CLAW 2018 

Claw 2018 was a huge success with 30 participants, out of which, 19 women had zero experience climbing. Participants were taught a number of climbing techniques and safety. When we weren’t climbing we led other fun activities like yoga, slacklining, a little bit of swimming and exercise workshops. Everyone was excited to be outdoors and learning. We had a lot of fun making new friends and bonding during the event. We always started on the same warm up boulders together and moved in smaller groups to other boulders. Many of the girls expressed how they enjoyed how climbing allowed them to break cultural norms, like how women should dress or how women’s skin has to be free of scratches, bruises and even a suntan; something often expected of women in India. Our hope is to do more events where experienced women climbers will mentor beginners and bridge the gap in ratio of men climbing versus women. The main goal though is to create a community for women within the larger climbing community, and have fun outdoors!

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