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Group photo of women climbers posing for a fun photo on the plateu in HAmpi with a view of rice paddies behind
Our mission
build a community of women empowered through the outdoors
our vision
support women to break barriers through rock climbing

CLAW Adventure Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to create a positive space through the means of climbing and outdoor education where women can learn, grow, and get inspired in an unbiased and encouraging environment.

Behind CLAW are a core group of motivated women from different spheres brought together by their passion for climbing and desire to share their experiences and learnings with others. So far they have organised four annual meetups (in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022) plus a number of smaller local outdoor events; including top-rope events in Bangalore and Delhi. The core team has now been joined by local leaders in five major cities across India as more and more spaces are being created for women climbers.  

Check out the events page for more info on annual and local events. The CLAW network of female climbers has already spread to a lot of major cities in India, so get in touch and let's get climbing!

our values
inclusivity, accessibility
freedom, confidence
community, environment
climb like a woman founders demonstrating climbing safety among boulders painted with eyes on themof Hampi

The CLAW core team has been organising the annual event since 2018 and is working to expand the network of female climbers throughout India. Here they are demonstrating safety techniques for bouldering in Hampi, 2018

Who are we?

As advocates of diversity and inclusivity in climbing our aim is to help women recognise their own strengths and realise their potential while supporting each other. We hope for this platform to be a space for like minded women to connect and forge new relationships. We hope that creating space for these connections will lay the foundation for a network of women climbers and outdoor enthusiasts who can continue to spread the joy of climbing and love for the outdoors to other women and girls. We are the CLAW network, and you can be a part of it too!

As of 2021, the main demographics we are reaching directly are young women from major cities in India (charts). Indirectly, our reach can be far greater via social media and connections with other climbing associations. So join us any way you can, in person or online, and help us build up a safe space for strong independent women around the world.

We are proud to partner with other organisations of like mind, so please contact us if your organisation wants to assist or collaborate with CLAW.

How old are we?

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Where do we come from?

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